Why am I the right Spanish teacher for you?


Wherever you feel most comfortable having your class, I'll come to you. I can teach you at home, in a park, in a café, in a puesto de tacos or via Skype. Whatever fits best to your needs!


With my diploma in Spanish as a foreign language and more then 10 years of working experience in different institutions I'm an expert in my field.

Fun & Passion

It's my passion to make you feel like home in Mexico. I will introduce you to my culture and only teach you vocabulary that suits to your personality.

MexicanSpanish2Go provides private Spanish lessons in the city of Querétaro, Mexico (or from anywhere via Skype) without the constraints of a boring classroom.
Claudia, the mind behind MexicanSpanish2Go, has been teaching Spanish for more than ten years in various cities throughout North America. During that time she was able to develop a special method that can be applied to the needs of any student. An understanding of what motivates you to learn the language is the key to customizing your learning path. Claudia will make the most of your investment through a personalized learning plan involving private sessions, interactive real-world activities, specialized vocabulary training (based on student needs/interests) and much more.

What students say...

Katrin Schrimpf Testimonial

Katrin Schrimpf

From Germany

Claudia is an amazing tutor. She has awesome energy and passion in teaching Spanish. Claudia knows my weak points and encourages me constantly to talk to locals during the class. I highly recommend studying with Claudia, if you also want to grow personally. Grateful to have met her!

Anna Evans

Anne Evans

From the USA

I have been trying for years to learn to speak Spanish! With the help of Claudia I studied Spanish in Querétaro. She worked hard to help me understand the basics and at the end of our time together, I had improved and felt more confident speaking and listening to Spanish. Claudia is a kind and patient teacher. I highly recommend her to beginning or advanced learners.

Theresa Walter Testimonial

Franziska Walter

From germany

I am learning Spanish with Claudia via Skype. I enjoy our lessons a lot, because Claudia is patient, super friendly and we always have fun together. Besides working with the book she always adds customized exercises like playing Scrabble, my favorite game. I highly recommend learning Mexican Spanish with Claudia!

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