What’s unique about my way of teaching?

Interactive cultural experience
I would love to show you around in my beautiful city of Querétaro. We will visit the markets (tianguis), parks, museums, cafés, and whatever place you’re interested in.  No matter why you came to Mexico, I will help you feel at home, cross language borders, and make you sound natural. My goal is to make you feel more familiar with the daily life in Querétaro, because there is nothing more inconvenient than feeling like a stranger.

We won’t sit in a boring class room without any contact to Mexican life and the sunny weather. Learning by doing – that’s what makes you become confident in speaking Spanish.

Claudia teaching Spanish on a park bench

Any park bench can turn into a working place….

Which learning materials do I use?

You will mainly work with the “Curso de Español para Extranjeros” books from “trillas” (about 250 Pesos each), which are the best for teaching Mexican grammar and vocabulary. They are based on three levels: básico, intermedio and avanzado. Each level consists of two books.
Besides working with these books, we will also play games, watch YouTube videos, and talk to locals.

How many hours per week do I recommend?

That definitely depends on your background and personal goals. In my experience, three times a week à 1.5 hours (4.5 hours a week) works well to smoothly get into the new language. Just take my free first lesson and we will talk about your ideal workload. Find my prices here.